Comic Book TV!

With so many great comic book based shows and movies, it’s never been a better time to be a fan! From superheroes to zombies to time travel and beyond, DC, Marvel, and more are bringing comic book panels to life like never before. While you’re waiting for your new comics this Wednesday, here’s some series you absolutely need to check out…



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What I’m Reading Now #5

Superman: American Alien – DC

Superman: American Alien

A different look at Clark Kent’s upbringing in Smallville, written by screenplay writer, Max Landis! Each issue takes place at a pivotal moment in young Kal-El’s life, years before he dons the cape. Learning his abilities and finding his way in the world. It’s one of those stories that really makes the Last Son of Krypton relatable, which is always the mark of a good Superman story.

Issue #3 in particular though is one of my favorite Superman comics in recent memory: Clark’s on vacation when his plane crashes into the ocean! After rescuing the pilot, he climbs aboard a cruise ship where he’s mistaken for a young Bruce Wayne! Clark ends up rolling with it, hanging out with Oliver Queen, faces off against Deathstroke and even has a fling with The Cheetah!

Superman: American Alien #3

VENUS – Boom Studios

VENUS 1 - Boom

The mission to colonize a partially terra-formed yet barely habitable Venus goes awry when the Mayflower crash-lands onto its barren surface… right before a storm of acid hail hits!

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BATMAN vs SUPERMAN! (comics)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! (logo)

Before DC’s two biggest heroes duke it out on the big screen, here are some of the most memorable battles between The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight!


BATMAN 612 (Batman vs Superman)

A perfect intro to the Batman comic mythos, this storyline has everything: a new villain, a mystery, a love story, and of course Batman punching Superman in the face!

Batman punching Superman (Hush)This epic fight is initiated when Poison Ivy takes control of Superman, ordering him to kill Batman. With a number of tricks up his sleeve (just for such a circumstance), Bruce miraculously manages to hold him off just long enough to get to Lois and snap Clark out of his trance.

Written by Jeph Loeb, ‘HUSH’ showcases the Dark Knight’s classic rogues gallery, captured in stunning detail by the amazing Jim Lee!

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Return of the Short Box


“Jalapeno Jack”
Jan 08, 2016
It’s our first episode of 2016 and we’ve got a solid forty minutes of Champion Season, our review of the new Cloverfield trailer, and we share in bonding time over Erik Larson

“The Holiday Special”
Dec 23, 2015
Christmas is upon us so the Marvel OG stops by. We real-time review the new X-Men Apocalypse trailer and take a trip down memory lane of our favorite holiday moments of the past. Plus special return appearance by Dr. Strange and Wong!

“Spoiler Wars”
Dec 19, 2015
In the midst of all the Star Wars frenzy this weekend we’ve gathered to talk a very SPOILER FILLED episode breaking down our reactions and thoughts on the new movie. Do yourself a favor and listen to this episode after you’ve seen Force Awakens.

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PREVIEWS – January 2016!

We here at the Super Hero HQ take a sneak peek at what’s in store in March! 

PREVIEWS - header


The 13th Artifact (One Shot) – Image Comics – by: Amit Chauhan and Eli Powell

13th Artifact - One Shot

Image continues to kill it in the sci-fi realm!

Back to the Future – Part 2: Reel-ware Pint Glasses!

Back to the Future pint glasses - Biff's Casino, Mr. Fusion, and the Cafe 80's!

Late Christmas present anyone?


Tokyo Ghost Trade Vol 1 Rick Remender & Sean Murphy

Tokyo Ghost - Vol1 - Atomic Garden

My two favorite creators are giving me one of my favorite books of the year. Go figure.

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“How’d you get into comics?” with Ashley Lanni

The Mighty Thor 1 (Jane Foster)

I learned how to read when I was in the first grade and I starting reading a lot. Everything and anything I could get my hands on was fair game. In 3rd grade I started going to the flea market and bought $1 romance novels with scenes that I didn’t understand and shortly after started digging into their 25 cent comic bin.

25 cent comics

The first comic I remember being interested in was The Mighty Thor. I was learning about Norse gods and mythology in school so when I found out I could read about them in comics I was pumped.Mega-Con

My first official comic subscription was in middle school. I don’t remember why I chose this particular title but every month Marvel would send me an issue of Uncanny X-Men in the mail. I started going to Megacon in high school and I don’t think I’ve missed more than 2 in the past 15 years.

After I graduated from high school I went to Ringling College of Art and Design where I took a class called “Introduction to The Graphic Narrative.” It required me to read books like Sandman, Watchmen and The Tale of One Bad Rat, which opened my eyes to what comics were capable of.

Hellboy in HellWhen I moved here in 2009 I started going to Dragons Tale for my books until they closed, and then moved to Superhero Beach. I started off with 1 title on my pull list and now 4 years later I’m now the manager of the store and there are over 50 titles that I’m currently reading. Some of my favorites are Southern Bastards, Paper Girls, Deadly Class, Airboy, The Sculptor, Descender, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals, Hellboy In Hell. Tokyo Ghost, Mighty Thor and Howard the Duck.

Click here for Jonathan Sanders’s answer!

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A Look Back at 2015…

Here’s a look back at some highlights from our previous posts this year…  — Erik

Happy New Year!

Retro Review: THE SENTRY!

Tales from the Spider-verse

Spider-Verse poster

Ant-Man: A Short History

Power Couples (Valentine’s Day)

The FLASH - Tv LogoA Quick Guide to… THE FLASH


Comic Zombie Presents… Holy Bat Movies!


Avengers: Age of Ultron poster

Previously on… THE AVENGERS (movies)

Retro Review: KINGDOM COME!

The Crow - graphic novelTHE CROW! – An Interview with James O’Barr!

Comic Zombie Presents… The Not-So-Great Debate(s)

“How’d you get into comics?” – with Jonathan Sanders

Top 15 Comic Book Video Games

“Kingdom Bum!” – A Sneak Peek with Adam Wollet

27: “Love is a Losing Game” – An Interview with Ashley Lanni

Love is a Losing Game, by Ashley Lanni

Alex Ross - Secret Wars 2015Top 15 Alternate Realities

All New, All Different Marvel! (but mostly the same…)

THE SHORT BOX – Strikes Back!

PREVIEWS – December 2015

What I’m Reading Now #4 (Super Late Edition)

Mocking Jay - Part 2The Hunger Games: “MOCKING JAY – Part 2” REVIEW


“Star Wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS” – A (Spoiler Free) Review

The Force Awakens


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“Star Wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS” – A (Spoiler Free) Review

The Force Awakens character posters

The following is a SPOILER FREE Review of “Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens”, no easy task mind you… Honestly though I do feel the need to point out that those maliciously posting spoilers for the film are the lowest kind of scum in the galaxy.

Star Wars - teaser posterTHE FORCE AWAKENS is the latest film in the Star Wars saga, taking place 30 years after the original trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) and suffice it to say, a lot has happened since the Rebellion’s victory over the Galactic Empire… The movie features the return of classic heroes like Han and Chewie while introducing us to a whole new cast of characters like Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8 and the evil Kylo Ren!

For me, watching this movie was a lot like watching Star Wars for the first time as a kid: it absolutely blew my mind! It’s a great movie in it’s own right, but ultimately it is a movie for the fans. That said, there were a few elements in this chapter that seemed like a rehash of familiar material, playing up the nostalgia factor. While I could see that being a detractor for some, I found it to be very effective.

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STAR WARS comics!

With The Force Awakens finally here, let’s take a look back at some of the best Star Wars comics of all time!



Marvel Comics - Star Wars, Darth Vader, Princess Leia 2015

Before ‘Star Wars’ premiered in 1977, Marvel Comics brought the movie to the page in a six-issue adaptation. The adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo continued in comic book form for years before Darkhorse gained the rights to the Star Wars expanded universe… well that is until earlier this year when Disney brought that Galaxy far far away back to Marvel.

Star Wars MarvelFans of the previous Star Wars comics were skeptical at first… that is until they saw what was in store! The main title by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday takes place right after the original film and is an absolute must read.

The main series was followed by two other books: a mini-series following Princess Leia after the Battle of Yavin, dealing with the aftermath of Alderaan and an ongoing series about the Dark Lord of the Sith himself: Darth Vader!

One of my favorite parts of the Vader comic is that it begins with an opening crawl, except it’s from the Empire’s point of view!


Star Wars comics

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What I’m Reading Now – #4 (Super Late Edition)

Sooo it’s been a while since my last article and I sincerely apologize. I’ve been crazy busy with finals, but now that the semester is over, I just wanted to cover some titles that I’ve been reading over the past few couple months before I get back to your regularly scheduled updates!     —– Erik

Tokyo Ghost – Image Comics


Joining forces with Sean Gordon Murphy of ‘Chrononaughts’, Remender does it again!

The story begins in an over-teched-out future, that kinda reminded me of Idiocracy and journeys to a post-apocalyptic Japan which, in stark contrast to the crowded country of Los Angeles, is a beautiful tech-free paradise, taken back by nature and ruled by a clan of samurai. In addition to the gripping story, Murphy’s art is just as captivating, every single panel is chock-full of detail.

Think Ghost in the Shell meets Ninja Scroll with some thought-provoking social commentary thrown in.

Tokyo Ghost Issue 3

FTL Issue One Image Comics

Faster Than Light – Image Comics

Image has been killing it with space-faring comics! And this one doesn’t disappoint.

It’s got just the right amount of hard science mixed with some truly terrifying moments inspired by Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’.

A first contact mission gone horribly awry? Yeah, I’m so on board for this trip.

JAMES BOND 007 – Dynamite

James Bond 007 VARGR Dynamite

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