DC - Animated Super Hero Movies

Click here for Part One – Last month I began the Top Ten Best DC Animated Movies with: Emerald Knights, Public Enemies, Justice League: Doom, Superman: Unbound, and the New Frontier.

It was tough narrowing down these last few selections, because many of the movies on this list would easily rank among the best animated features of all time, but I assure you these Final Five are near and dear to my heart, and I did not rank them lightly.

Now for the Final Countdown…
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PREVIEWS – November 2014

PREVIEWSA new month. A new PREVIEWS article for a new year!


Two words: STAR WARS!

STAR WARS (Alex Ross)

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Catching up with… THE SHORT BOX!

Shortbox microphone

As always, our friends over at The Short Box (Jacksonville’s premiere comic book podcast!) have been rather busy these past couple months, bringing you some of the coolest cats in the biz! So what are you waiting for?! Download, bookmark, and check them out now:

“Ed Auditions For Wong”
Nov 10, 2014
The crew returns sans Ed with a special fill-in from the past. The Marvel Phase 3 movie lineup is addressed, Adam confirms the latest rumors, and things get pretty tense when Interstellar is championed. We even find time to read some of your letters!

“Adamantium O-Face”
Oct 20, 2014
It’s the return of the all comic book talk episode! The crew is back to discuss NYCC and Marvel’s future, Adam clears up Fantastic Four rumors, Cesar debuts the one true Canadian Wolverine, and Badr destroys the English language one name at a time.

“Calling All Gamers”
Oct 13, 2014
We’re all about helping the kids anyway we can, so we invited Amanda from Extra-Life, a video game themed charity, to tell us how we all could help. We also interview Tyga, the host of Jacksonville’s newest video-game podcast, Storm Unity

Oct 06, 2014
It’s more voice acting and impersonations than you could ask for! Jazz Walker and Miss Fushi stop by to talk about Kijah Studio’s newest indie film and school us on Twitch. Cesar gives his review on “Annabelle” and battles to keep his co-host slot.

Get a FREE Audible trial and book download on us!: A gift from the short box podcast 


Shortbox Logo

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Best of… THE JOKER!

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are tonight’s entertainment!” – the Joker (‘The Dark Knight’, 2008)

The Joker

Not someone you want to meet in a back alley…

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the creepiest of clowns? I think it goes without saying that The Joker is one of the best and most iconic villains in all of comics.

From his first eerie introduction in Batman #1 to Heath Ledger’s terrifying portrayal in Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy, this agent of anarchy is the essence of nightmares. Not only that, but as perhaps Batman’s ultimate arch-enemy, you’ve got a perfect foil for one dark and brooding, ever-stoic, crusader of justice, versus: an unstable, unpredictable, laughing terrorist, dressed in a purple suit with makeup and green hair, whose only out to prove that life is meaningless, and doesn’t even care if you get his inside jokes.

Harley and Mr. JDenny O Neal once claimed that the Joker is not only one if the greatest comic book villains, but that he’s right up there with the other great villains in all of literature.

My favorite thing about the character is that almost everything he does has an ulterior motive, or worse: no motive at all. For instance, when the Joker brutally murders your best friend (hypothetically) in a most horrific, albeit humorous, manner there’s a 50/50 chance that it was either a spur of the moment idea that conveniently presented itself, or was simply an elaborate plan to drive you over the edge of sanity itself.

The following list includes some of the most notorious appearances of the Clown Prince of Crime over the past 75 years in all his various incarnations. So here we go!

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"The Death of Wolverine" - Issue One

So just in case you’ve been living under a rock in Latveria, Wolverine is dead…

(Potential Spoilers Ahead!)

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Membership Cards Are Here!

The Big Kahuna here with an update on some awesome store stuff!

Back in May I mentioned that I wanted to create some form of Membership Card so that you, our wonderful and valued customers, would be able to get your discounts at both stores and so that we could have another way of rewarding you for being such great customers!

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Catching up with… THE SHORT BOX!

Shortbox Logo

As always, our friends over at The Short Box (Jacksonville’s premiere comic book podcast!) have been rather busy these past couple months, bringing you some of the coolest cats in the biz! So what are you waiting for?! Download, bookmark, and check them out now:

“What’s Up My Nigma?”
Sep 29, 2014
As promised, part two from last week! The crew reviews the pilot episode for Gotham, Cesar takes on Thanos and Kiss, Adam talks about his visit at Halloween Horror Nights, and Ice-T makes a cameo!

Order the MOYAMOYA album: 

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PREVIEWS – October 2014


It’s October, you know what that means? …Halloween candy and sexy witch costumes? NO! Time to get ready for the Holidays! This month’s Previews covers A TON of awesome stuff coming our way from Santa this December, so be sure to make a list, check it twice, and order some awesome super hero memorabilia for your loved ones this jolly holiday season. Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah!

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Halloween Comic Fest 2014

Coming Soon… to a store near you!

This October 25th (that’s 2014 – for you time travelers out there), HALLOWEEN COMIC FEST is coming to a comic shop near you! Yes that’s right, Super Hero Beach and the Super Hero Hive will be hosting this annual event. So come down in costume for a chance to win some free stuff. But wait there’s more! – we’ll also be giving away several selections of Free Comics that Saturday before Halloween.

Yes that’s right FREE!!!

triumphant kid meme: Yes - Free Stuff!

Mark your calendars folks for this year’s Halloween Comic Fest – Saturday, October 25th, 2014or else!!!

Click here for more information!

"The Big Bang Theory" cast dressed as the Justice League!

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PREVIEWS – September 2014


It’s that time again True Believers! Welcome to our monthly look ahead in PREVIEWS where we (the crew here at the HQ) champion what we’re looking forward to in the weeks to come! EXCELSIOR!

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