PREVIEWS – April 2015


Here’s our monthly look at comics and stuff heading our way in June…
(Don’t forget about Father’s Day!)


Following Convergence, DC’s debuting a few new looks for some of their most iconic heroes and I have to give them credit for really going outside of the box on some of these…

NewDC: Wonder Woman, Superman, Robo-Bat, Renegade GL

I absolutely love the new WW look, I’m still on the fence about the rest, but the only reason I’m holding my reservation on Robo-Bat is because I trust in Scott Snyder.

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Next month, “Age of Ultron” isn’t the only thing to look forward to…

Free Comic Book Day 2015

This Saturday, May 2nd (from 11 AM till we run out of comics!) is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! So come on down to Superhero Beach and / or Superhero Hive for a boatload of deals (and some Free comics too)! Including:

  • $1 Back Issues!
  • $5 Variant Covers
  • 50% OFF Trades / Hardcovers!
  • 30% Off Action Figures
  • 15% Off Statues
  • Oh yeah and a selection of FREE comics!
FCBD 2015 selections

Some of this year’s Free Comic selections!

If that’s not enough, that same day (May 2nd) there’s also the Third Annual Beaches Comic Con at the Neptune Beach library (600 3rd St.) from 11 AM – 3 PM. Back for the 3rd year in a row bigger and better than ever! Join us to celebrate the fandom universe: Superheroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Anime, Magic the Gathering. Super artists, super games, super crafts, super food, super cosplay, super fun! So grab your comics and then head on over! (then come back for some more comics)

And that’s not all folks! The following weekend (May 8th-10th at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds) is Jacksonville’s Largest Pop-Culture and Music Festival:


Collective Con 2015

  • Artists and Authors: James O’Barr, Mitsuhiro Arita, Bob Mcleod, The Frazetta Girls, Al Letson, John Beatty, Jeff Dekal, Sajad Shah, Larry Watts, and David Walker.
  • Media Guests: Sam Witwer, Caty Lotz, Phil Lamarr, Janet Varney, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Blum, Todd Haberkorn, Terrance Zudunich, and Michael Koske.
  • Arcade / Console / Tabletop Gaming
  • Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Horror, comics, etc
  • Cosplayers, Live Music, Vendors, food, and more!
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Netflix's Daredevil

Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen, goes by another name at night…

Daredevil - The Man Without Fear

DAREDEVIL was created by Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett in Marvel’s Daredevil #1 (1964). The blind vigilante, first gained his extraordinary senses in the same accident that robbed him of his sight, when he (ironically) saved a blind man from a speeding truck, carrying radioactive waste, naturally, which splashed into his eyes. Although he lost his ability to see, young Matt Murdock soon realized his other four senses were so enhanced that he could navigate his environment with sonar.

Daredevil YellowSoon after, Matt’s father, the famous boxer, ‘Battlin’ Jack’ Murdock, was murdered by The Fixer, for not throwing a fight. In his grief, Matt created a costume from his father’s boxing robes and pursued The Fixer. Upon confronting his father’s killer, The Fixer suffered a heart attack. Matt realized that The Fixer was just a symptom of a greater problem at work in his neighborhood. After becoming a lawyer and starting a law firm with his friend Foggy Nelson, Matt continued his pursuit of justice in his nightly crusade as ‘The Man Without Fear’. Using his super human senses, Matt donned the guise of Daredevil to take on the criminal underworld.

Although Daredevil’s costume was initially yellow and black, he soon traded it in for a more demonic persona with his iconic red and black get-up in an effort to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, armed with a custom-made cane that morphs into a billy club that can also act as a nunchaku-like weapon and grappling hook.

Daredevil - red and black

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The Big Kahuna joins The Short Box! – and A Special Announcement…

The Short Boxers recreating the cover to Amazing Spider-man #50

The Short Boxers – No More?!

Ladies and gents, it’s my privilege to present the latest edition of Catching up with The Short Box. This time around we have FOUR can’t miss episodes including Neil’s (long overdue) guest appearance, The Short Box Giveaway, and Collective Con announcements!

BUT first up – a HUGE announcement: There will be no new episode this week…at least not with all of short boxers you know and love. Find out who and why in the NEW EPISODE, Ep.84 “Keyboard Warriors” (below).

Trust us, you’ll want to stay to the end on this one.

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PREVIEWS – March 2015


There’s A LOT to look forward to this May: 

  • Friday, May 1st – a little movie called “AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON”
  • Saturday, May 2ndFREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
  • May 8 – 10 – Jacksonville’s COLLECTIVE CON!

To top all that off, here’s some highlights for comics and memorabilia coming your way!(May needs to hurry the hell up)


“Oh, Killstrike” #1 (of 4)

Oh Killstrike

This summer, Boom Studios presents, a love letter / parody of the ridiculousness that was 90’s vigilante comics, by Max Bemis and Logan Faerber! “Oh, Killstrike” is a twisted buddy comedy about a guy named Jared, a new father, who accidentally unleashes his childhood anti-hero on an unsuspecting world. He must go on a quest of self discovery to protect his loved ones from this over-the-top army of one! Seriously guys, I can’t put into words how much I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this series!


Ultimate Marvel Omnibus Vol. 1 HC

Ultimate Marvel has gotten a (much deserved) bad rep since Ultimatum, so it’s easy to forget that (15 years ago) it actually started as something quite different — and more importantly, REALLY good! Back in 2000, Marvel kicked off this re-imagined / modernized universe in response to the renewed interest in Super Hero movies thanks to Bryan Singer’s X-Men and Sam Raimi’s Spider-man.

This massive Hard Cover collection includes the first runs of Ultimate Spider-man (Brian Michael Bendis / Mark Bagley), Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Fantastic Four, and The Ultimates! - with the united talents of: Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, Bill Jemas, Mark Millar, Adam Kubert, Andy Kubert, and Bryan Hitch! Before the Ultimate Universe comes to a close in this year’s Secret Wars, read where it all began!

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Comic Zombie presents… HOLY BAT MOVIES!

Bat-Posters: Batman '66, Forever, Begins

Comic Zombie and his sidekick, Erik Smash (yours truly) – strike back with a trilogy of articles covering every single live action Bat-movie from ’66 to ‘Rises! Yes that’s right, we sat through ALL EIGHT movies – the Good, the Bad, and the Fugly, then decided to share our random thoughts with you, the Internet.

We grade the bat-mobiles, critique the villains, pick apart the things that work and more importantly the things that don’t, pointing out the numerous logical fallacies and plot inconsistencies throughout, but most of all we had a blast on this nostalgic trip to the past!

Michael Keaton - Batman

HOLY BAT-MOVIES – Part One: Batman ’66, Batman ’89, Batman Returns

We first started off with the cheese-filled campy goodness of the Adam West era, followed up by the dark and disturbing Tim Burton movies starring Michael Keaton.

Batman '89

HOLY BAT-MOVIES – Part Two: Batman Forever, Batman and Robin

Our dreaded descent into Hell… Comic Zombie and I tear apart Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and the god awful Batman and Robin

batman and robin

HOLY BAT-MOVIES – Part Three: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises

With the worst behind us, we finally finish our marathon off by analyzing Christopher Nolan’s gritty and serious Dark Knight Trilogy! 

The Dark Knight Trilogy Next time on Comic Zombie: The Spider-man Movies! (stay tuned true believers)

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A Quick Guide to THE FLASH!

The FLASH - Tv Logo

The Flash has had many incarnations over the years, starting with his first appearance in the aptly titled Flash Comics #1 way back in 1940. Since then, there have been many incarnations of the character over the years…

Flash Comics 1

Jay Garrick

The original Flash (of the Golden Age) was Jay Garrick who was sort of a modern (err, retro?) version of the Greek messenger god, Hermes, also known to the Romans as Mercury. Jay was a college student / football player who became The Flash when he inadvertently inhaled some fumes in a lab that gave him incredible speed and reflexes. As the protector of Keystone City, Jay Garrick eventually joined forces with other Golden Age Super Heroes, like the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, and formed the Justice Society.

Fast-forward to 1956 with the release of Showcase #4 – introducing Barry Allen as the Fastest Man Alive, which single-handedly kicked off the Silver Age of Comics!


Barry Allen

The unique thing about this version of the Flash (and the Hal Jordan Green Lantern) is that unlike his Golden Age counterpart, his powers were much less magic, and much more scientifically plausible, well… more sci-fi less fantasy at least. Barry Allen was a nerdy ‘police scientist’ (forensic analyst) with a reputation for always running late.

The Origin of The FlashOne night in the lab, a lightning bolt strikes his work station, dousing him in random electrified chemicals, which should have killed him, but instead miraculously gifted him with uncanny super human speed and extremely fast reflexes! Naturally, Barry Allen does what any classic comic book character would do and creates a themed costume in which to fight crime… for some reason!

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Previously on… THE SHORT BOX!

Badr Milligan, Cesar Cordero, Adam Wollet and… sometimes Ed… Together, they are THE SHORT BOX! - Jacksonville’s premiere comic book and pop culture podcast.

The Short Box featured in Jax's 904 magazine!

Click here to check out their recent feature in 904 Magazine!

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Power Couples

This Valentine’s Day, I decided to showcase some of comics’ most memorable romances…

Superman / Wonder Woman

Superman / Wonder Woman

Clark Kent / Lois Lane

Lois and Clark - Smallville

Batman / Catwoman

Batman / Catwoman

Spider-man / Mary Jane / Gwen Stacy

Spidey / Mj vs Peter / Gwen

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PREVIEWS – February 2015


Love is in the air… for comics that is! (yeah, I know, bad joke)

Well don’t be a Fool, order your April comics now! (too cheesy no?)

Ok fine, enough with this intro, onto the good stuff…


It’s a good time to be a comic fan, with so much awesomeness coming our way, between Dc’s Convergence and Marvel’s Secret Wars, but I’d be remiss to not mention two new Image books that take a different approach to super hero mythology…

Todd McFarlane’s “Savior”

Savior #1

Mark Millar’s “Jupiter’s Circle”

Jupiter's Circle

Then there’s this limited edition Catwoman bust based on Jim Lee’s design. Also, if someone wanted to randomly buy me this Legend of Zelda “Archer Link” (raglan) shirt, I would be unimposed, just sayin’…

Catwoman bust - Jim LeeZelda shirt



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