“The Hunger Games: MOCKING JAY – Part 2” REVIEW!

Mocking Jay - Part 2

Jennifer Lawrence once again proves to be the perfect choice for Katniss Everdeen in “Mocking Jay – Part 2”, the fourth and final chapter of ‘The Hunger Games’ saga, based on Suzanne Collins’s best-selling trilogy.

The first thing that should be taken into account is that this is a series you really need to see from the beginning. Just like with ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, this is not a movie you can walk into without any previous knowledge of the story and characters, without being hopelessly lost, but that’s not a bad thing in my book.

The Hunger Games - series (movie posters)

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Next Saturday…

This Saturday, November 14th…


This month’s Board Game night will feature a special presentation of Cul-de-Sac Conquest! This game can be seen here on kickstarter! We’ll get to play some demo copies before the game is released, so come on in and check it out (at Superhero Beach)!

Also, if you’re in the Riverside area that day, be sure to check out JaxByJax 2015! 


Jax by Jax celebrates local literature, coalesces a community of writers, and provides a venue through which this city can hear its own voice.

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THE SHORT BOX – Strikes Back!

The Short Box is back and better than ever with Season 3!

Adam Wollet and the Short Box celebrate Kingdom Bum!

Congrats to Adam for his new comic, Kingdom Bum!

“The Kingdom Bum Reading Show”
Oct 27, 2015
Adam Wollet and Action Lab Comic’s present a live reading of Kingdom Bum #1. Adam enlists comedian, Cesar Cordero; comic professor, James Greene; Superhero Hive managers Neil and Jon, and Brett from Jax Nerd for an astonishing recording.

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New Releases at the Hive

Hive girl Foo nocircleCheck out all the new titles coming out this week at The Hive!!
(You can also take a look back at the titles that came out in previous weeks.)

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New Releases at the Beach!

SuperheroBeachCheck out all the new titles coming out this week at Superhero Beach!!
(You can also take a look back at the titles that came out in previous weeks.)

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PREVIEWS – October 2015

We here at the Super Hero HQ take a sneak peek at what’s in store this December!

PREVIEWS - header

This month’s Previews was an important one for us! Ashley’s upcoming graphic novel, “The 27 Club” and Adam’s “Kingdom Bum” were both featured!


ACTION LAB: Kingdom Bum

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Comic Zombie presents… THE SPIDER-MAN MOVIES!

Spider-man 2

Welcome back to “All Ur Movies Are Belong to Us!”, our ongoing series (covering nearly every entry of every comic book based movie series in existence). This time around we watched all the Spider-man movies: from the Raimi trilogy to the “Amazing” Spidey films.

Spider-man (2003)Through the ups and downs of this franchise, we discuss what worked, what didn’t, and touch upon what we’d like to see in the future as Peter Parker joins the MCU in the coming years. Between bitching and laughing, we had a great time writing these reviews and hope you have just as much fun reading them!

Part One: The Amazing Spider-man movies!

Part Two: The …um… other Spider-man Movies…

The Amazing Spider-man 2

Up Next: The Superman Movies …oh no…

Click here for our previous series review set: Holy Bat Movies!

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“Kingdom Bum!” – A Sneak Peek with Adam Wollet


Publisher: ACTION LAB – DANGER ZONEKingdom Bum 1 of 4

Written by: Adam Wollet and Rick Marshall

Art by: Jon Reed

Colors by: Jen Hickman

Main Cover by: Jon Reed and Jen Hickman

Variant Cover by: Francesca Ciregia and Gloria Martinelli

Summary: It’s Game of Thrones with cardboard homes as this wild new series brings an inner city’s hidden world to life in contemporary fantasy style! First Coast City’s homeless suffer under the thumb of tyrant, Philip the Ax. As the seeds for a violent coup begin to sprout, it falls to benevolent vagabond Simon to try to stave off war and bring peace back to the alleys.

Welcome back to the Superhero HQ Adam!

Thanks! It’s great to be back.

What’s your origin story?

Nothing Spectacular, Amazing, Fantastic, or Uncanny.

I’ve always been creative, or at least been drawn to creative things. I wanted to be a comic book artist when I was a kid, but never really stuck. Years later, I still loved the creative aspect of storytelling, so I started to write.

Kingdom Bum Page One

Page One

So tell us about “Kingdom Bum”

Kingdom Bum is a wild story about a secret society of homeless people who live right under our noses. I originally referenced Game of Thrones in my longer pitch to Action Lab, and when we were preparing to solicit the book they synthesized that down to the tag line “It’s Game of Thrones with cardboard homes,” which perfectly captures our concept.

At its core, Kingdom Bum is about many of concepts and problems we face in the world today, but viewed through a slightly goofy and irreverent lens. What does it mean to be free? How much of that freedom is worth risking for safety? How difficult is it to open a can of beer when you don’t have any thumbs?

One thing Rick and I were concerned about while writing the book was that we didn’t want the work to come off as insensitive to the real world homeless population. There is a lot going on in Kingdom Bum, and if we’re fortunate enough to be able to continue telling stories in this world, the place these characters hold in the larger scheme of things will become apparent.

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PREVIEWS – September 2015

We here at the Super Hero HQ take a sneak peek at what’s in store this November!

PREVIEWS - header



Ian Fleming’s JAMES BOND 007 – Dynamite (Warren Ellis, Jason Masters)

Bond 007 Comic

Before you go see “Spectre”, the latest Daniel Craig Bond movie, be sure to pick up the all new 007 comic series by Warren Ellis! This is the first time we’ve had a Bond comic in over 20 years and it looks like the wait will be worth it.

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27: “Love is a Losing Game” – An Interview with ASHLEY LANNI

Our very own Ashley Lanni is a freelance illustrator who recently had the opportunity to collaborate on an upcoming graphic novel! “27” is a comic anthology that chronicles the lives (and tragic ends) of famous musicians who left us far too soon: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, etc. Ashley wrote AND illustrated a chapter about Amy Winehouse, entitled “Love is a Losing Game”.

Love is a Losing Game, by Ashley Lanni

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