PREVIEWS – September 2014


It’s that time again True Believers! Welcome to our monthly look ahead in PREVIEWS where we (the crew here at the HQ) champion what we’re looking forward to in the weeks to come! EXCELSIOR!

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DC - Animated Super Hero Movies

We are living on the edge of a nerd renaissance (a nerdaissance?) – we all have Trek-esque communicators, Dr. Who is a household name, video games are finally being recognized as art, and every single summer, movie theaters across the world are jam-packed with Super Hero blockbusters! That said there’s a whole library of spectacular Animated Super Hero features that for whatever reason still don’t seem to get the attention they very much deserve… I would even argue that many of these titles from the last couple decades are in some cases better than their live action contemporaries.

The Joker (Under the Red Hood)

Many people automatically assume that if it’s animated it’s geared towards kids, because here in the US the most mainstream animated films just so happen to be Disney or Pixar (which tend to be family friendly, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Although that may have been true at one time or another, that misconception can be very easily dismissed by many award-winning Japanese classics that are simply put – not for kids (Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Ninja Scroll, most movies by Miyazaki, etc).

As any critic can tell you, animation itself is not actually a genre, but rather a medium of storytelling and much like graphic novels can be just as immersive and compelling as books that don’t utilize sequential art. Which brings me to DC comic’s recent line of animated movies. Although Marvel has been killing it at the box office as of late, it’s DC that’s really been hitting it out of the park with their line up of PG-13 straight to digital Animated Movies.

Bruce at his parent's grave in 'Batman: Year One'For starters there have been A LOT of them over the last ten years or so, and they’ve all been good, which made narrowing down a list of them that much more challenging. There’s a few factors that make these especially noteworthy: they’re faithfully based on the actual comics, unlike most live action super hero movies that are ‘inspired by’ the source material, these ones even emulate the art styles of the original creators. Not only that, but the comic creators themselves are often heavily involved in adapting these stories for the screen. And lastly if nothing else, these are all worth watching for the voice talents alone (including many a celebrity) who bring these iconic characters to life.

So without further ado…

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Don’t call them “Indie” Comics!

Alternative Comics Publishers

So this last Wednesday I stopped by the shop as one often does on New Comic Book Day, and something completely unprecedented happened: I had NOTHING in my pull! (que music)

This forced me to venture into unfamiliar territory, i.e. the comics beyond the ‘Big Two’ (DC and Marvel). This of course wasn’t my first time perusing the other publishers, but this time I had an opportunity to really delve into many of the awesome non-super hero titles on the outskirts of the comic continuum. I know it sounds scary for some, but I assure you it’s well worth it.

I actually made the mistake of referring to some of these as ‘indie titles’. Turns out that’s a huge misconception. Image, Darkhorse, IDW, Valiant, Dynamite, Chaos, and Zenescope are anything but small ‘indie’ publishers, but they often get grouped together as this ‘other’ non-DC/Marvel category, which is in all honesty kinda unfair. Some of the most original and innovative comics coming out today are coming out of these ‘alternative’ publishers.

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Meet Adam Wollet…


I wasn’t sure if you were aware but we’ve got a whole lot of talented people that grace our shops with their amazing creativity-filled presence. From time to time I want to spotlight a local Jacksonville creator and learn more about them. First up is Adam Wollet. Adam is the letterer for the Action Lab comic “Southern Dog”. He is part of The Shortbox Podcast, an all around good dude, and a great asset to the local comic scene. Here’s what he had to say:

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“Grim Times” are upon us!

Are you tired of dealing with an endless tirade of depressing news stories while encountering legions of stupidity that consistently chip away at your sole on a daily basis?

Then do I have the comic for you!

This one ^

This one ^

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Looking Ahead in Previews

This marks the inaugural edition of a new monthly feature where we list a few things from the new Previews catalog that have us excited. There was a lot to choose from this month but I think we’ve been able to pick a couple of items that we think you will find as cool as we do.


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“Guardians of the Galaxy” – Review

So with the release of The Short Box podcast’s latest episode (Ep.60 The Busiest Man in Jacksonville) you may have noticed a much shorter review of the latest but already debatable best Marvel movie, Guardians of The Galaxy. We thought we would save our usual banter to give all dedicated attention to the episode guest, Al Letson, after all he had one helluva’ project to promote. Nonetheless we left it up to our best articulated co-host, Adam Wollet, to speak for the rest of the crew when it comes to expressing our absolute enjoyment for GOTG. Don’t forget to check out our latest episode and previous ones from the official website: and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with pictures, links, and posts from the crew. We sincerely hope you enjoy this post, we have more planned in the near future!


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Scott Snyder, John Romita jr. or Geoff Johns

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Batman turns 75! – What’s your favorite Bat-comic?

In honor of 75 Years of the Dark Knight on DC’s official “Batman Day!” (July 23rd), we’ve decided to ask the team which Batman comics they love and why…

75 Years of Batman!

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Catching up with the Short Box

I’m really sorry to anyone waiting to see these posts here.  We will do better at getting them up more quickly. They are always available at as well.

The last few weeks has seen a few great episodes of the Short Box.  One of them even featured our very own Superhero Beach Artist/Counter Girl, Ashley talking about some of her upcoming projects.  You can catch them all below!

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